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The full text of all research papers published since 1992 are listed below.

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s13726-019-00705-7 The effects of catalyst and deactivator species in atom transfer radical polymerization of n-butyl methacrylate
Author/s:  Faramarz Afshar Taromi, ; Samira Fakharzadeh Kermani, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00706-6 Tough and tunable shape memory PLA/PAE melt-blends actuated by temperature
Author/s:  Zhicai He, ; Zhenfang Li, ; Kangning Li, ; Haihua He, ; Yufen Zhou, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00707-5 Lauric acid-grafted barley (Hordeum vulagare L.) husk for application in biocomposite films: optimization method in synthesis and characterization
Author/s:  Aanchal Mittal, ; Sangeeta Garg, ; Shailendra Bajpai, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00708-4 Nitrate removal from drinking water by PAN ultrafiltration assisted with cationic surfactants: evaluation of effective factors using response surface methodology
Author/s:  Abbas Bahrami Nekoo, ; Mehrdad Khamforoush, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00709-3 Thermal and biodegradation properties of poly(lactic acid)/rice straw composites: effects of modified pulping products
Author/s:  Farkhondeh Hemmati, ; As’ad Zandi, ; Amirhossein Zanganeh, ; Jamshid Mohammadi‑Roshandeh, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00710-w The application of blocked polyfunctional isocyanate as a cross‑linking agent in biodegradable extruded poly(lactic acid) foam
Author/s:  Zhijuan Xu, ; Xuechun Lin, ; Hongbo Liu, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00711-9 Attainment of cellulose acetate from coir fiber submitted to pretreatment with IL n‑butylammonium acetate
Author/s:  Gilberto José Pereira, Andreia de Araújo Morandim‑Giannetti, ; José Carlos de Andrade Neto, ; Andressa Carolina de Almeida, ; Camila dos Santos Machado, Daniella Olmo Coelho, ; Najib Mourad, Natália Siqueira Teixeira, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
s13726-019-00712-8 Synergistic effect of alkyl lactate functional groups on properties of methacrylate polymers
Author/s:  Sanjay K. Nayak, ; Muthukrishnan Purushothaman, ; Palaniandavar Santhana Gopala Krishnan, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 5
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