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The full text of all research papers published since 1992 are listed below.

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s13726-019-00689-4 Fabrication of gas sensor device using poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly (styrenesulfonate)-doped reduced graphene oxide organic thin films for detection of ammonia gas at room temperature
Author/s:  Apsar Pasha, ; Syed Khasim, ; Faheem Ahmed Khan, ; N. Dhananjaya, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00690-x The effect of hygrothermal aging and UV radiation on the low-velocity impact behavior of the glass fiber-reinforced epoxy composites
Author/s:  Akar Dogan, ; Yusuf Arman, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00691-w A bulky aromatic functional polyimide composite as a sensitive layer for the detection of organic compound biomarkers
Author/s:  Payam Molla‑Abbasi, ; Meisam Shabanian, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00692-9 Adsorption of paraquat from water by insoluble cyclodextrin polymer crosslinked with 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylic acid
Author/s:  Jatupol Junthip, ; Warangkana Promma, ; Somchai Sonsupap, ; Chaichat Boonyanusith, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00693-8 Semi-interpenetrating networks of biopolymer chitosan/acrylic acid and thiourea hydrogels: synthesis, characterization and their potential for removal of cadmium
Author/s:  Navneet Kaur Bhullar, ; Kamlesh Kumari, ; Dhiraj Sud, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00695-6 A novel investigation on micro-phase separation of thermoplastic polyurethanes: simulation, theoretical, and experimental approaches
Author/s:  Iman Sahebi Jouibari, ; Vahid Haddadi‑Asl, ; Mohammad Masoud Mirhosseini, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00697-4 Venlafaxine-loaded sustained-release poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-itaconic acid) hydrogel composites: their synthesis and in vitro/in vivo attributes
Author/s:  Jawad Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Sohail, ; Liaqat Ali, ; Mahmood Ahmad, Muhammad Naeem Aamir, ; Muhammad Usman Minhas, Akhtar Rasul, ; Muhammad Yousuf, Hina Hussain, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
s13726-019-00699-2 Mesopores variation in polyacrylonitrile fibers during dry-jet wet spinning process
Author/s:  Wenli Wang, Jianjie Qin, ; Quan Gao, ; Min Jing, ; Chengguo Wang, ; Meiling Chen, Shengyao Zhao, ;
2019-01-01 2019 28 3
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