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The full text of all research papers published since 1992 are listed below.

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s13726-018-0646-1 Design and synthesis of bio-based epoxidized alkyd resin for anticorrosive coating application
Author/s:  Deepak M. Patil, ; Ganesh A. Phalak, ; Shashank T. Mhaske, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
s13726-018-0647-0 Folic acid–egg white coated IPN network of carboxymethyl cellulose and egg white nanoparticles for treating breast cancer
Author/s:  Sathasivam Kalaivani, ; Vairamuthu Raj, ; Palanisamy Priya, ; Rajendran Renji, ; Mathiazhagan Suryamathi, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
s13726-018-0650-5 Synthesis and characterization of a novel thermally stable water dispersible polyurethane and its magnetic nanocomposites
Author/s:  Mir Mohammad Alavi Nikje, ; Zahra Hoseini, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
s13726-018-0653-2 A new cyclic initiator system for the synthesis of novel star-shaped polyether-polyols (PEPOs) for fabrication of rigid cross-linked polyurethanes
Author/s:  Zbigniew Grobelny, ; Sylwia Golba, ; Justyna Jurek‑Suliga, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
s13726-018-0655-0 Synthesis and characterization of novel biodegradable water dispersed poly(ether-urethane)s and their MWCNT-AS nanocomposites functionalized with aspartic acid as dispersing agent
Author/s:  Fatemeh Rafiemanzelat, ; Shayesteh Tafazoli, ; Farshid Hassanzadeh, ; Mahboubeh Rostami, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
s13726-018-0649 The rheological, mechanical and templating effects of graphene oxide nanosheets in filled gel spun polyacrylonitrile
Author/s:  Naser Mohammadi, ; Mahmoud Heydari, ;
2018-01-01 2018 27 10
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