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The full text of all research papers published since 1992 are listed below.

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s13726-016-0439-3 Polyphenylene sulphide/carbon fiber composites: study on their thermal, mechanical and microscopic properties
Author/s:  Muhammad Arif Butt, Muhammad Taqi Zahid Butt, Tahir Jamil, ; Shahzad Maqsood Khan, Nafisa Gull, ; Muhammad Azeem Munawar, Saba Zia, ; Farheen Anjum, Muhammad Sajid Iqbal, ; Muhammad Shafiq, Atif Islam, Syed Muhammad Awais, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0441-9 A dynamic constitutive‑micromechanical model to predict the strain rate‑dependent mechanical behavior of carbon nanofiber/ epoxy nanocomposites
Author/s:  Mahmood M. Shokrieh, ; Ali Reza Shamaei Kashani, ; Reza Mosalmani, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0442-8 New oligomeric containing aliphatic moiety phthalonitrile resins: their mechanical and thermal properties in presence of silane surface‑modified zirconia nanoparticles
Author/s:  Abdelkhalek Henniche, Wen‑bin Liu, ; Mehdi Derradji, ; Tiantian Feng, ; Hui Wang, Noureddine Ramdani, ; Tong Zhang, Jun Wang, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0443-7 A new test method to obtain biaxial tensile behaviors of solid propellant at high strain rates
Author/s:  Zhejun Wang, ; Hongfu Qiang, ; Guang Wang, ; Tiejun Wang, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0444-6 Effect of electrospinning on the ionic conductivity of polyacrylonitrile/polymethyl methacrylate nanofibrous membranes: optimization based on the response surface method
Author/s:  Mehdi Rafizadeh, ; Mir Reza Mousavi, ; Farhad Sharif, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0445-5 Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyl poly(aspartic acid)/ organic bentonite superabsorbent composite
Author/s:  Zhixin Jia, ; Xiaoling Chen, ; Yongmei Liu, Yansheng Zhao, ; Haigang Shi, ; Caihong Mao, Hongbing Gu, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0446-4 Polycarboxylate superplasticizers of acrylic acid–isobutylene polyethylene glycol copolymers: monomer reactivity ratios, copolymerization behavior and performance
Author/s:  Zhaosheng Zhang, ; Ziwei Wang, ; Jianguo Ren, ; Jikai Pei, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
s13726-016-0440-x Hybrid nanocomposite coating by sol–gel method: a review
Author/s:  Azam Rahimi, ; Sahar Amiri, ;
2016-01-01 2016 25 6
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