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The full text of all research papers published since 1992 are listed below.

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IPJ-2008-01-2644 Differences in Morphological Characteristics of Bamboo Fibres and other Natural Cellulose Fibres: Studies on X-ray Diffraction, Solid State 13C-CP/MAS NMR, and Second Derivative FTIR Spectroscopy Data
Author/s:  Jianxin He*, ; Yuyuan Tang, ; Shan-Yuan Wang, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
IPJ-2008-01-2645 The Effect of Hard Segments on the Gas Separation Properties of Polyurethane Membranes
Author/s:  Mehdi Barikani, ; Mohammad Ali Semsarzadeh*, ; Morteza Sadeghi, ; Homayoon Moadel, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
IPJ-2008-01-2647 The Effect of Pressure Drop Rate on the Microstructures of Unfilled and Glass-filled ABS Microcellular Foams
Author/s:  Amir H. Behravesh*, ; Mehdi Mahmoodi, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
IPJ-2008-01-2648 Effect of Organic Modification of SiO2 on Non-isothermal Crystallization of PET in PET/SiO2 Nanocomposites
Author/s:  Yanmo Chen, ; Dong Cai, ; Yu Zhang*, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
IPJ-2008-01-2649 Effects of Concentration, Temperature, and pH on Chain Mobility of Gelatin during the Early Stages of Gelation
Author/s:  Mojgan Zandi, ; Hamid Mirzadeh*, ; Christian Mayer, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
IPJ-2007-01-2646 Study of the Cure Kinetics and Water Absorption of the DGEBA/ODA Resin
Author/s:  Mousa Ghaemy*, ; Anita Hassanpour Shahriari, ; Seyed Mojtaba Amini Nasab, ;
2007-01-01 2007 16 12
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